Curacao Aloe Vera Plantation

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Curacao Aloe Vera Plantation

The Aloe vera plantation on Curacao.

We produce aloe vera gel in our own production plant, located at our plantation, where we grow more than 100,000 plants for production. We specialize in natural skincare products, which are known by the name of CurAloe, and contain a high concentration of aloe vera. All CurAloe products are produced with the greatest care and dedication, maintaining a perfect balance between man and nature.

If you are visiting Curaçao, we invite you to come and visit our plantation. Come and discover the secrets of aloe vera for yourself and enjoy our interesting and entertaining tour of the plantation and the production plant! You will also have the opportunity to buy lovely and original souvenirs for your family, friends or for yourself!

All our CurAloe products are listed on this website and you can order online.

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  1. CurAloe Team CurAloe Team

    Hi Edwin, we still sell the same products with a different name:


    Kind regards,

    The CurAloe Team

  2. Edwin Matthews Edwin Matthews

    Dear sirs,
    Further to the comments from Neal Hendrick, I have co-incidentally logged onto your website at the same time and am experiencing the exact same problem. I have previously bought Aloe Pure Gel and sunscreen, both directly at the plantation - and subsequently on-line.

    However I am experiencing the same frustrations as Mr Hendrick. I am unable to find them. Is it not now possible to purchase 98% 'Aloe Pure Gel' and/or 'Sunscreen'?

  3. Neal Hendrick Neal Hendrick

    I have spent the last 15+ minutes on your website trying to order your pure gel product and have not found the right location yet. Your twitter, etc. may be modern but I find it full B.S. when I am trying to do do nothing but place an order as I have done several times before in Curocao and on the web. I think you have lost the purpose of your web site.

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