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Contact us!

We are here to help you! You can reach us by Phone on Curacao or Holland. But don't be afraid to use our Social Media chanels like Facebook and Twitter to get and stay in touch with us!

Signing in for our Newsletters could also be from great interest.

Curaçao Ecocity Projects N.V.
Aloë Vera Plantage Groot St. Joris West z/n
Curacao , Nederlandse Antillen
Telephone : +599 9 767 5577
Facsimile: +599 9 767 5577



In December of 1999 Curaçao Ecocity Projects N.V. started the aloe vera plantation in Curaçao. The plantation covers an area of 10 acres, 5 of which are used to cultivate the more than 100,000 specimens that are growing at our plantation at this moment. It takes three to five months for an aloe vera plant to mature to the point at which it can be harvested. The average time span for harvesting is approximately 10 years, during which we will collect 3 to 4 leaves from the bottom of the plant per harvest.


  1. The Curaloe Team The Curaloe Team

    Hi there!

    Please contact us -> and we are happy to help you out :)

    Kind regards,

    The Curaloe Team

  2. The Curaloe Team The Curaloe Team

    Hi Diane, that sounds great. We do ship to Canada. Approx. deliverytimes are 5-7 days. We are currently in the final stage with a distributor in Canada. This will create the possibility to open shops and sell local. For know just buy easily on we hope to see you again! Kind regards, The Curaloe Team

  3. Diane Cunningham Diane Cunningham

    Really love the products I bought in Curaçao but I'm home in Canada Toronto Ontario Canada and would love more
    I am enthusiastic about Curaloe and would happily work at your Curaloe store but can't seem to find one and as you know you don't ship online to Canada
    Any help to order would be appreciated

  4. Bulcke Marleen Bulcke Marleen

    Hi, i visit your place 14 days ago . Bouth a lot of items and maked a lot of pub here in Belgium. Can i order more ? How many do i have to order to have better prices ? Thanks. Drinks, gels sunscreen ....



  6. The Curaloe Team The Curaloe Team

    Hi Benjamin,

    Good to hear from you! It's easy to order online at our worldwide shop: after seeking and choosing your products you can go to the checkout and pick Bermuda as your delivey address. See you soon!

    Kind regards,

    The Curaloe Team

  7. Team CurAloe Team CurAloe

    Dear Benjamin,

    Thank you for your message.

    Great to read that you love to product and you want to order. Yes you can order from Bermuda, we ship to Bermuda. It takes about 10 days delivery.

    Kind Regards,
    Team CurAloe

  8. Benjamin Benjamin

    A work colleague of mine visited curacao and tried your shampoo and body wash. I have told others about what she has said and wish to order some items and try for myself. Can you make available to ship to Bermuda or is shipping only to US and Germany?

  9. The Curaloe Team The Curaloe Team

    Hi Frank, thank you very much for your request. We just finished the production and are ready to sell again :) the All Purpose is in the shops again! Buying troughout the internet? Delivery time is approx 2-3 weeks. Have a great day and see you soon!

    Kind regards,

    The Curaloe Team

  10. Frank Frank

    Hello CurAloe Team,
    I like to buy the product "All Purpose Cream", but I cant find it in your online shop. Is it possible to get this product yet?
    Best regards

  11. Jay Jay

    I am looking for the all purpose cream and I don't see it on the world shipping items. How can I order it online to be shipped to USA

  12. The CurAloe Team The CurAloe Team

    Hi Adrianne, we are so sorry that you couldn't find what you are looking for. We still have the product but in a new package. You mean the: (Copy + paste the hyperlink in your browser)

    We are looking forward to your order! Kind regards, the CurAloe Team

  13. AdrianneNatoli AdrianneNatoli

    I am equally disappointed in not finding the Curaloer98. I wanted to purchase other products, but no longer am certain about the products. Have you discontinued the product? If so, why? I finally found a product which has multiple uses and need to re-order only to be unable to locate. Such disappointment I feel. Please respond.

  14. Brittany Brittany

    I was in Curaçao in April and purchased a bottle of aloe pure gel. I have used the bottle and would like to order more, but I can not find the product on your website. Where and how can I purchase it?

  15. Kathy Kathy

    Hello. We visited your plantation in March 2013 and bought some insect repellent (Buzz off). It is the only thing that really works on the mosquitoes in Winnipeg, MB Canada. I can't find it on your website. Do you still manufacture and sell it? Can it be shipped to Canada?

  16. Brenda Brenda

    Purchase CurAloe Honey Shampoo in Curacao in April. Do you no longer
    have this product?

    Thank you.

  17. The CurAloe Team The CurAloe Team

    Hi there, thanks! We just activated shipping to Germany so you can order in Germany starting today. We are looking forward to your purchase!

    Kind regards,

    The CurAloe Team

  18. Kristina Vollnhals Kristina Vollnhals


    I Want to buy some priducts, but in the onlinsshop is no shipping methods found for germany. Is there no way to send these products to germany?
    Is there another onlineshop where I can buy these products?

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