We are Curaloe. We produce the best and purest Aloe Vera Gel. High Quality and Cruelty Free Products. Order directly from the plantation.

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Presenting.... Curaloe Organics!

Our Philosophy At Curaloe, we believe that Nature is our greatest teacher and supplies us with the ability to lead a healthy, happy, and balanced lif


How Aloe Vera Is Your First Help With Acne & Skin Rashes

Aloe Vera can treat a large number of skin conditions. That is why it is a well common ingredient in many cosmetics and medicinal products that targe


It's in the name! Aloe Vera

Aloe Everyone! Have you ever had a sunburn, or any type of burn really? The first thing that most people recommend is to get some Aloe Vera, right? W


Our ingredients

ALOE VERA - The miracle plant that can be found in an extreme concentration in every Curaloe product. Aside from it's moisturizing, wound healing and


At you're most beautiful and still improve!

Children like to play; they climb on everything, or touch and take anything. They explore and discover the world with their big eyes and open mouth.


Introducing Curaloe & Curacao Ecocity Projects!

“All that humankind needs for good health and healing is provided in nature—the challenge for science is to find it.”Paracelsus (1493-1541). This is

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