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Aloe Vera Soap Bar 150g - 60% Aloe Vera

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Pure Skin Nourishment & Cleansing

Transform your shower experience with the Curaloe Aloe Vera Soap 150g! Boasting 60% organic Aloe Vera, this creamy soap bar not only purifies but also deeply hydrates, ensuring your skin feels refreshed and supple after every wash, so you can enjoy a luxurious bathing experience!

Crafted to respect your skin's natural pH, it's the perfect blend of antibacterial properties and hydration. Ideal for cleansing and hydrating the face, hands, and body, it's a universal treat for all skin types. Dive into a soothing bath experience with the natural goodness of Aloe Vera!


  • 60% Aloe Vera
  • Deeply hydrating & nourishing
  • Antibacterial healing properties
  • Deep & gentle cleansing & sanitising
  • 150g
  • Suitable for all skin types 
Curaloe Aloe Vera Soap Bar 150g - Luxurious Hydration & Cleansing
Aloe Vera Soap Bar 150g - 60% Aloe Vera Sale price$6.50 Regular price$9.50