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Condition specific Health Juice

While producing the Revitalizing Pure Aloe Vera Health Juice for more than 10 years, Curaloe did a research after the most common diseases after the Millenium and made a selection out of 4. These diseases are: 

- Diabetic problems
- Cardiovascular problems
- Immune System problems
- Digestive System Problems

In cooporation with a company from Belgium which makes essential oils out of 10 specific herbals for each health problem, selected out of a book from a French Botanicus. Curaloe mixed these essential oils with the Revitalizing Health Juice and created 4 new Condition specific health juices. 

  1. Revitalizing - Pure Aloe Vera Juice
  2. Diabetic Support
  3. Cardiovascular Support
  4. Immune System Support
  5. Digestive System Support

After a big research from a professor in alternative medicine with a group of 10 students about the formulation and the directions for use + a research on the FDA requirements, Curaloe was ready to launch this Health Juices. 

$26.50 $22.50
$26.50 $22.50
$26.50 $22.50