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Pure Aloe Vera Tonic - Revitalizing 1 year supply

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100% pure Aloe Vera juice! A perfect boost for your immune system and internal cleaning! Buy 12 bottles for a special price.
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Pure Aloe Vera Tonic - Revitalizing 1 year supply

Pure Aloe Vera Juice Curaloe®

Curaloe Pure Juice 100% is the ultimate health drink and the perfect boost for the immune system and internal cleansing and it enhances vitality. Contains 100% pure Aloe Vera.

Your vitality will move forward by leaps and bounds if you take this drink every day.


- 100% Aloe Vera stabilized with Citrus Acid
- Potassium sorbate
- Acscorbisch acid
- 500ml 17.0 fl oz
- 12 bottles of 500ml / 17.0 fl oz

5 stars based on 2 reviews
Sherie 03-03-2016

Love this juice! First, it doesn't taste good at all..however...the very NEXT day my energy level went up! Typically I will sleep 8 hrs and wake feeling like I didn't sleep at all. This helped so much I am coming back to buy the 12pk because I ran out 2 days ago and I am feeling the energy sap!

Vermeer 29-01-2015

I like the Pure Juice very much! I always buy 3 bottle's, maybe next time 12. Or maybe a nice deal in between, say like 6 bottle's ;)

5 stars based on 2 reviews