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100% organically cultivated Aloe Vera
100% organically cultivated Aloe Vera
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Lavender Oil
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Tea Tree Oil

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Loved Curaloe's Body Gel Skin Repair. It kept my skin clean and clear, and even brought back the glow I had lost. I love Curlaoe's body gels because of their extensive healing properties that were extremely soothing for my acne scars and sun burns.

Christina Miller

I hated my skin before. I was tired of my dry, itchy skin. I had tried everything and nothing had worked. Thanks to the miracle plant and Curlaoe's Body Gel Skin Repair, my skin's health has recovered and looks so much better!

Melissa Chadwick

Finding out about Curaloe has been the best thing ever! My skin looks so much better. There can be truly nothing better than aloe vera for your skin. My scars have completely healed and I haven't been happier.

Ana Banks

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