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The three Sentebibu basics and Curacao's authentic remedy to youth and healthy life. 

Facial Gel: 

A facial skin care gel is a must for happy and healthy skin. Facial treatment gels are a one-stop-shop for a comfortable facial at home or on the go. Gel-based serums are effectively-known for their nourishment and hydration effects along with other benefits. A facial treatment gel focuses specifically on your facial skin to heal, ensure soft and smooth, healthy skin. If your skin is happy, then so is your day.

Body Gel: 

Body Gel is the purest Aloe Vera Gel with 95% Aloe Vera the ultimate first aid for your skin. One bottle ensures your skin an overall treatment. It heals and protects the skin. It repairs skin damage, works anti-itchy, fights signs of (premature) aging and pigmentation. It heals after UV exposure and cools your skin. This skincare gel is your final destination for healthy and happy skin.

Pure Aloe Vera Supplement: 

This 100% Pure Aloe Vera supplement is a vitamin shot and the perfect drink for boosting your body's immune system and internal cleansing. Drinking 1fl.oz a day will help you reduce physical fatigue, supports normal intestinal function, and supports healthy skin. 

The routine: 

This simple routine gives you instant results. 
Start your day with a cleanser and apply the facial gel as a skin-healing serum before pre moisturizer.

Use the Body Gel after your shower as a body lotion or when having a sunburn, eczema or psoriasis flare-up, mosquito bite, stretch marks, rashes, or wounds. 

Drink every day 1 fl. oz of the Revitalizing Aloe Vera supplement after breakfast in your smoothie, or your orange juice to give you an energy boost for the day! 

It all started 20 years ago on an Aloe Vera field in Curacao.

We were inspired by an ancient island remedy called "Sentebibu" or "hundred lives" as they call Aloe Vera in Papiamentu.
The Curacaoans refer to Aloe Vera as nature's problem solver and eat the plant and apply it topically to cure burns and other skin irritations, which may explain why the island has so many centenarians.

Sentebibu inspired us to use the pure Aloe Vera plant as the main ingredient in every Curaloe product. A concept we call "the plant in a bottle."

Brought home by tourists all over the world, Curaloe is now available in 55 countries.

With the growing desire for Organic Aloe Vera products, Curaloe South Africa was born, a modern Aloe Vera farm surrounded by the best African healing herbs, soothing oils, moisturizing butters. The farm grows Organic Aloe Vera and produces skincare products according to the Curaloe standards but with the Organic Certification.

With everything we do, we think back to that ancient "Sentebibu" island remedy and create products solely with the highest possible percentage of Aloe Vera. We process this Aloe within 3 hours after harvesting to maximize nutrients and guarantee the most bio-active Aloe available today.

Our mission is to keep your skin happy and your body healthy!

Aloe Vera is comprised of many active ingredients that work synergistically to benefit the skin. It has the ability to improves elasticity so the skin can tighten. Its deeply moisturizing effect plumpen the skin thereby decreasing the appearance of wrinkles. Moreover, Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties by improving connections between collagen that helps to rejuvenate the skin. All that is thanks to the many beneficial compounds including antioxidants, amino acids, anthraquinones, enzymes, minerals, vitamins A, C, E, zinc, selenium, lignins, monosaccharides, polysaccharides, salicylic acid, saponins, and sterols.



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