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Treat your Acne with Aloe Kit

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This kit contains: 

1x Facial Wash
1x Facial Toner
1x Facial Gel
1x Revitalizing health supplement

Facial Wash is a low-foaming cleanser which removes impurities from your skin without stripping essential moisture. 

Facial Toner refreshes the skin and effectively removes make-up and cleans other residue.

The high percentage of Aloe Vera in Facial Gel penetrates the skin and has anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties.

Pure Aloe Vera Supplement from inner leaf extract is the ultimate support and the perfect boost for the immune system and internal cleansing.

The Pure Aloe Vera Story

At Curaloe, we're inspired by nature's problem solver: Aloe Vera

Following an ancient island remedy called "Sentebibu" or "hundred lives" as the people from Curacao refer to Aloe Vera. The Curacaoans eat the Aloe Vera gel and apply it topically to cure burns and other skin irritations.

Sentebibu inspired us to use the pure Aloe Vera plant as the main ingredient in every Curaloe product. A concept we call "the plant in a bottle."

Our hand harvested aloe Vera from our own Aloe Vera fields is processed to the pure Aloe Vera products in our on-site factory.  

Our mission is to keep your skin happy and your body healthy!

Aloe Vera is comprised of many active ingredients that work synergistically to benefit the skin. It has the ability to improves elasticity so the skin can tighten. Its deeply moisturizing effect plumpen the skin thereby decreasing the appearance of wrinkles. Moreover, Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties by improving connections between collagen that helps to rejuvenate the skin. All that is thanks to the many beneficial compounds including antioxidants, amino acids, anthraquinones, enzymes, minerals, vitamins A, C, E, zinc, selenium, lignins, monosaccharides, polysaccharides, salicylic acid, saponins, and sterols.

Who can show the Aloe Vera Farm Curacao better than America's own Johnny Bananas! 
Check the episode of NBC's First Look TV and learn about our farm!

Go Organic

Better for nature, better for you!

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