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Skin types

The skin

In general the skin will have a PH value between 4,5 and 6,5 depending on race and/or skin condition. Skincare products that have a PH value within the range of a normal human skin, are usually better for the skin. A PH value that is located between 4,5- 6,5 reduces skin irritation and creates better skin results. All Curaloe products have a PH value ranging from 5,5 – 6,5. Curaloe’s products penetrate and respect the PH value of the skin.

The Skin, when simplified, consists of 3 major skin layers (from external to internal).


is the most superficial layer and its main function is to protect the body from water loss and against harsh weather. Most layers in the EPIDERMIS are dead skin cells. On top of the EPIDERMIS lies the ACID MANTLE which determines the PH value of the skin. A healthy skin is acidic with a natural PH value of 4.5-6.5 (always below a PH value of 7 and therefore not alkaline). This is made up of sweat, oil and skin cells. The acid mantle forms a natural protective layer against bacteria and external aggression. That’s why one should be careful using products that are too alkaline (PH value higher than 7) as this will strip the protective layer of the skin and makes it more susceptible for allergies, acne and irritation.


is the middle layer consisting of living skin cells. The DERMIS is responsible for structure and building up of the skin. The DERMIS’s structure consists of “collagen” and “elastin” fibres produced by the fibroblasts cells. This layer contains Mast Cells that protects the skin against foreign bacteria and fat cells, blood supply that brings nourishment and removes waste, improve lymphatic circulation for assisting the immune system and interstitial fluids to maintain moisture and plumpness.

The Hypodermis

The HYPODERMIS is the deepest layer of the skin that is located on top of the muscles. It contains fat cells, blood vessels, lymphatic vessels and nerves.