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Dry skin

The PH value of the skin is low (4,5 or less).


• Dry and flaky
• Lacks oils and moisture
• Superficial lines and wrinkles
• Tight feeling
• Thin epidermis that shows fine capillaries easier

Recommended skincare:

• Curaloe Facial wash
• Curaloe Facial gel
• Curaloe Day and Night cream
• Curaloe Body Scrub

Use the body scrub twice per week for the whole body. Clean the Face with the Facial Wash every morning. After using the Facial Wash. Finally, use the Facial Gel, the Day Cream in the morning and the Night Cream in the evening.

Dry skin

A lot of influences on a daily base can damage your skin, This is why your skin need extra help, Aloe Vera get trough the deepest layer of the skin and brings all the butters and oils with it. Scroll down to read more!