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Normal Skin

The PH value is around 5,5.

• Even complexion
• Could be oily and shiny on the T zone, dry on the cheeks
• Could also be normal on the T zone, fine texture on the cheeks
• Could be flaky on the nose if you use harsh products to get the oiliness away
• Often has fine lines around the eye area

Recommended skincare:

• Curaloe Facial mask• Curaloe Facial wash
• Curaloe Facial toner
• Curaloe Facial gel
• Curaloe Day cream
• Curaloe Night cream
• Curaloe Anti-Wrinkle

People with a normal or combination skin can use the entire line of Curaloe as intended.

Normal Skin

A lot of influences on a daily base can damage your skin, This is why your skin need extra help, Aloe Vera get trough the deepest layer of the skin and brings all the butters and oils with it. Scroll down to read more!