Does your face feel too sticky a few minutes after venturing out? Is your skin prone to acne and breaking out? Do your fingers get coated with a layer of oil each time you touch your face?

These are a few questions that every person with oily skin has been asked and they face it on a daily basis. Oily skin has been trouble to deal with since time immemorial. Asking people who have oily skin whether they want to get rid of it is pretty redundant as all of them seek a skin that does not give much trouble.

Oily skin in general is prone to a lot more skin issues than acne, breakouts and excessive oil that clogs pores. Excess oil traps dirt, pollutants, radical residue much more than any other skin, in fact these clog the pores further and the impurities settle in.

Once these impurities settle in the pores are unable to breathe thus they cause breakouts. Skin care products for oily skin have flooded the markets but the main question that arises is “are the oily skin products beneficial?” or “Do skin care products for oily skin really work?”

So, in order to control the amount of oil on your face without the stress of drying your skin depends on the choice of the right skin care product for oily skin. Here’s a list of the top five skin care products that are beneficial for oily skin.


Face Wash or Cleanser:

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A regular face wash has always been one of the most basic and general ways of getting rid of the excess oil on your face and unclogging of the pores. Regular face washes when applied twice daily helps combat the release of oil on your face. If the face washes contain exfoliating beads or scrub-like particles it helps in deep cleaning of the pores, thus, rendering the pores clean and free of impurities. A proper face wash is the first step in your facial routine.

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A facial cleanser is a bit different from the wash. A cleanser cleanses off the oil and also helps in removing make up and does not require water as it is cream or gel based. If aloe vera becomes an essential part of the face wash or cleanser it benefits the skin even more. Aloe vera based washes or cleansers not only help in clearing the excess oil but they also make sure the oil release is optimized along with the proper hydration of the face. Aloe vera easily combats acne, oily skin and other skin problems.


Face Masks:

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Face masks or Face packs with red clay is usually a very good skin care product for oily skin. It has properties that help mattifying the face. It is adept in soaking up excess oil from the face and also helps in the deep cleaning of the pores as it absorbs and soaks up the impurities that are inside the pores. It helps in opening up the pores and making the skin breathe. It also prevents breakouts and acne as all the dirt and residue are cleaned rapidly off the face. Red clay is advised to be used as it has a high content of minerals which also helps in the removal of black spots that are left behind after the acne breaks out.

Face masks and the peel off clay sheets also helps in smoothening the skin and it also makes the skin firm which counters signs of ageing as well. Aloe vera based masks are also beneficial to counter oily skin. It soaks in the impurities and helps in nourishing the skin.


Skin Serum:

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Skin serums are usually not focused on when it comes to battling oily skin, but skin serums are beneficial skin care products for oily skin. They are especially effective when it comes to the oil that accumulates over the T-zone. The T-zone is the most prone to breakouts, thus, it needs an adequate amount of care. Salicylic based serums are effective for clearing the face off oil and also deep cleans the pores.

Serums provide a matte like feel and it also moisturizes the skin and ensures that it does not dry up. Serums also help in clearing blackheads by minimizing the size of the pores. Serums containing aloe vera also act in a similar way. Aloe vera based products are essential for oily skin.



Toners are usually not paid much attention when it comes to combating oily skin. It is an underrated skin care product when it comes to treating oily skin. A toner has its perks, especially herbal or organic toners. Toners are well known for their toning effect, thus, a toner not only controls the excess oil on the face but also combats redness, dull skin and uneven texture. Toners leave the skin fresh and are a prep for moisturizers.

Organic toners like the one’s containing aloe vera extracts are especially beneficial for oily skin as it cools, smoothes and tones the skin along with removing the excess oil and cleaning the pores.


Moisturizers meant for oily skin:

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Usually moisturizers are used after a cleanser and toner, thus completing the three step process for a healthy and fresh skin. Moisturizers as a skin care product for oily skin is useful as it is especially made to clear the excess oil from the face and also ensures the moisture lock in the skin.

Thus, moisturizers are also effective against oily skin. These oily skin products when incorporated in your daily regime will yield results for your oil prone skin and change the way it looks for a happy and healthier skin than ever before.

Is it worth buying skin care products for oily skin?

A question that troubles most of the people. The answer to that is easy: “yes, there are oily skin products that are worth your money.”

The things that we need to keep in mind regarding the skin care products are that it must combat the reasons for oily skin such as humidity, genetic makeup, hormonal changes and the food we consume. The right amount of oil gets rid of the toxic elements but the excess works in an exactly opposite manner.

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