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Curaloe Body Gel | Relieving and Rejuvenating

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Body Gel is our product with the highest Aloe Vera percentage for externally use. The body gel cools and relieves the skin from dryness and excessive sun exposure.

This Body Gel:
✓ Cools the skin after burning
✓ Relieves dry skin
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Curaloe Body Gel | Relieving and Rejuvenating

Curaloe Body Gel 

Curaloe® Body Gel cools and relieves the skin from dryness and excessive sun exposure. Additionally it alleviates itchy skin.

Benefits Curaloe Body Gel:
✓ 95% pure Aloe Vera gel.
✓ With Lavender Oil and Tea Tree Oil.
✓ Relieves and alleviates dry
✓ Cools and softens skin.
✓ Moisturises and soothes skin.
✓ 8.4 fl Oz

Application: This product is safe on dry, sensitive skin.  Apply in ample quantity on the affected skin at least 2 times a day; more often is better. It can be used safely next to medication and on open damaged skin.

After using Curaloe Body Gel use Curaloe All purpose cream for best results against skin conditions.

No Parabens nor animal derived ingredients are added to our products.

4.9 stars based on 17 reviews
Len 13-08-2017

3yrs ago we vacationed in Curaçao and visited there shop. I've used it every time after I've shaved, it's cool, refresh, and keeps my skin smooth and soft! Great product!

Nalani 09-05-2017

This Product is amazing. We were in Curacao on a Cruise. My Husband Broke out in a bad eczema rash all over his body from my poor choice in sun screen. We were there with a couple of friends and they recommended Curaloe. We stopped in at the shop and tried a sample. We weren't sure so we walked around for hours around the town. Come to find out his rash went WAYYY down! We were impressed. Before leaving the Island we went to pick up the lotion/gel combo with adding the Sunscreen for his protection. Using this a full day on the Ship his rash went away in force. I totally recommend this product! Amazing. The Gel Helped heal my sunburn as well! LOVE THIS!!!

BETHANY UHL 05-11-2016

My husband and I visited the Aloe Farm as one of our tours on a cruise we were taking. The talk and demonstrations were fascinating, but the jackpot for me was the shop. I bought a bottle of Curaloe Body Gel and some other goodies. I have been using it sparingly because I didn't want it to run out. Stupid me, I hadn't realized that they had an online mail order business as well. Just recently I had some major surgery on my shoulder --with a nasty scar. I considered Vitamin E oil, but then remembered by Curaloe Body Gel. What healing powers it has! The scar visibly diminished, the redness went away --all within a few days. My doctor was quite impressed. Good news, I've bought more and won't be so stingy with it from now on.

Angela van Raak 02-05-2016

Het is een fantastisch product! Werkt als een trein tegen mijn zonne allergie! Je ziet het verdwijnen na het smeren.

Gloriann 16-11-2015

I bought this on a recent trip to Curacao. I had brushed against some fire coral while in D.R. the day before, and this gel not only got rid of the itching and burning, it got rid of the rash. I now use on my face and cannot believe how great it is. I have rosacea and it clears up my skin. I love love love this product

Solange Theeboom 16-11-2015

Heb alle soorten cremes geprobeerd ....maar sinds ik de Body Gel ben gaan gebruiken....echt Wowww....bye bye droge huid in 1 woord Geweldig!!!!!!

Natascha Louwet 15-11-2015

I use this cream mainly as a hand cream because it leaves no greasy residue (alway’s a bottle in my car where i notice my wrinkly dry hands on the steering wheel;-)

It also works wonders on those itchy lower legs (due to dehydration from airco or heating). great all purpose product. two thumbs up!

Samantha Pikero 15-11-2015

This gel is my life saviour. I know it's a body gel but I use it daily on my face and it's not drying or irritating like they warn you it might be. My face has been acne free the past year!!
Such an awesome product! And it lasts me 6 months per bottle before running out which is AMAZING!!! Put on your face at your own risk though but I'd give it a try!!

Angelique Kok 12-11-2015

Super gel bij verbrande (kinder) huid. Prikt niet en voorkomt blaarvorming. Tevens goed voor honden met wondjes aan hun eeltkussens.

Amy Brusco 23-06-2015

Purchased this a on a recent (6/12/15) trip to Curacao. This is a must have product. Great for dry skin and discoloration patches. I am ordering more.

Martina Gouw 03-03-2015

Je huid koelt direct af bij bijvoorbeeld jeuk, zonnebrand, pukkeltjes, echt een super goed en fijn product. Je hebt er maar heel weinig van nodig

Peter 17-12-2014

perfect for sun burns.... the aloe heals.

carola steenvoorden 07-12-2014

Heerlijke gel. Neemt goed op in de huid en je huid wordt er super zacht van! Verkoelt na een dag in de zon en na muggen beten. Terug in Nederland heerlijk voor de droge huid.

sharron 05-11-2014

We bought this in Curacao for mozzie bites and have since used it on everything from sunburn to excema, it's great stuff. Far superior to anything we can buy in the UK and it has lasted about 6 months!

Gail Dunn 15-10-2014

I started using Curaloe in 2009 after a visit to the aloe farm in Curacao. I use it for skin irritations, burns/sunburn or dry skin. It is THE BEST--have not found anything comparable in the USA!

Dave Haris 01-08-2014

I use the Aloe gel for several years now. I suffer from eczema since my childhood and aloe really helps me!

Ruth 09-07-2014

This is a wonderful product; bought it in Curacao when we were on a cruise for my husbands lower legs. He has a fluid problem and his skin gets sores easily. This gel has healed his legs up and has kept them good; he uses it every morning after he showers. I am also going through Radiation and have started using it to try and prevent any skin issues. Would highly recommend it.

4.9 stars based on 17 reviews


Psoriasis and eczema body treatment

Curaloe® Curaloe Body Gel | Relieving and Rejuvenating