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Facial Gel - Cools and relieves

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Our Facial Gel cools and relieves the skin from dryness and excessive sun exposure. Additionally it alleviates itchy skin.

This Facial Gel:
✓ Cools and moisturises the skin
✓ Alleviates itchy skin
✓ Helps to nourish and repair the skin

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Curaloe® Facial Gel

The Curaloe Facial Gel is a healing product to repair and nourish the skin with pure Aloe Vera as its main ingredient. Because of the high percentage of Aloe Vera the Facial Gel cools and relieves the skin from dryness and excessive sun exposure. Additionally it alleviates an itchy skin and is a perfect product for people suffering from an oily skin to use it as a moisturiser.

Benefits Curaloe® Facial Gel:
✓ 85% pure Aloe Vera gel.
✓ Cools skin and softens the skin.
✓ Moisturises and soothes skin.
✓ Alleviates itchy skin.
✓ 150ml / 5.0 fl Oz

This product is safe on dry, sensitive skin.

Before use of Curaloe Facial Gel, apply Curaloe Facial Wash and/or Curaloe Facial Toner, to clean the face. 

No Parabens nor animal derived ingredients are added to our products.


Melissa Posted on 30 October 2015 at 18:16

Thank you! You guys have the fastest shipping ever! Already received my facial gel and will probably order the all purpose cream next! I love the products and love how they smell and make my skin feel. Plus it reminds me of my time in Curaçao....
Thank you for the great service!

Ivy Posted on 1 September 2015 at 01:35

I visited Aloe Vera Plantation earlier this month during my first (and not last) visit to the island. I purchased the facial wash and facial gel combo. Very impressed! I especially looove the facial gel. It makes my skin cool, smooth, and it makes my skin feel tight. Can't wait to try the toner!

John Anderson Posted on 28 February 2015 at 17:56

Visited the plantation in Curacao and purchased the facial gel Curaloe and CurAloe 98% all purpose gel in June of 2014. I have very fair skin. Used it on my face 2 times a day per instructions and noticed a HUGE difference on day 3. Cleared up my facial rosacea and pre- cancerous red spots. Even better after a day in the sun. It really works.

Pieters Posted on 27 January 2015 at 11:10

I also like this product very much. I use the aloe vera facial gel and the facial wash. Both great!!

Fernando Strella Posted on 6 January 2015 at 21:29

using this Aloe vera gel really helps to smoothen my skin. LOVE the product!! Gracias..

GAIL DUNN Posted on 16 October 2014 at 15:47

I have used Curaloe since my visit to the aloe farm during a cruise to Curacao in 2009. It is so healing for burns, sunburns or skin irritations. I have found nothing that compares to this wonderful product in the USA!

Jer Posted on 1 April 2014 at 01:43

Nice stuff

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