Supercharged with pure Aloe Vera

The Multipurpose Miracle

Moisturizing Scrub

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Go Natural or Go Organic

Moisturizing Scrub



Removes dead skin cells

The most important function of a scrub


Lifts away dirt, oil, and impurities

The subtle but effective diatomaceous earth is a natural detoxifier. 


Boost collagen

The combination of Aloe with Diatomaceous earth is a perfect collagen booster to prevent wrinkles. 



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Total Skin Polish



All specs of the Moisturizing Scrub +



Parabens, phenoxyethanol, or other petrochemical ingredients.


No animal-derived ingredients

Nor animal testing.


Apricot seed

apricot seed powder acts as fine solid particles that promote the removal of damaged skin cells from the skin's surface, thus leaving behind a softer, smoother skin texture.


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Multipurpose Skincare for the Lazy People

We also don't believe in overcomplicated multistep routines that take you an extra hour in the morning. We support you when you don't feel it today or are in an incredible rush.  


Aloe Vera is an ingredient that works multilevel, and we happen to have the purest Aloe Vera products on the market. 

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